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Business Applications

Streamline operations with an efficient application for
contact management and business information

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QR Code Solutions

Simplify connections through personalized
QR codes, enhancing modern connectivity

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Digital Business Cards

Embrace the future of networking with sleek and
interactive smart cards

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Redefining Connections in the Digital Era

Unlock the potential of seamless networking and professional interactions with KiEngage – your one-stop solution for the best digital business cards and more. Elevate your business presence with our comprehensive suite of services that seamlessly blend innovation and convenience.


Transforming Connections in the Digital Age

Welcome to KiEngage, a digital business card where we believe in redefining the way professionals connect and thrive in the digital era. Established with a passion for innovation and a commitment to efficiency, KiEngage is your go-to platform for all things related to smart business cards and beyond.

At KiEngage, we understand the pivotal role of seamless networking and efficient business operations in today’s fast-paced world. Our suite of services, including Digital Business Cards, a powerful Business Application, enticing Business Profiles, and QR Code Solutions, is designed to empower you with the tools needed to make a lasting impact.

Our Services

One Platform, Multiple Uses

Business Application

Empower your business with the best digital business card application that streamlines your operations. Manage contacts, schedule appointments, and keep track of essential business information effortlessly. KiEngage’s business application is designed to enhance your productivity and efficiency.

Business Profiles

Craft compelling business profiles that leave a lasting impression. With KiEngage, you can create visually appealing and informative business profiles that reflect your brand identity. Showcase your achievements, services, and team members to make a strong impact on your audience.

Digital Business Cards

Say goodbye to traditional paper business cards! KiEngage brings you the future of networking with sleek and interactive smart digital business cards. Showcase your contact details, social media links, and personalized information in a dynamic and impressive digital format.

QR Code Solutions

Simplify connections and information sharing with our QR code solutions. Generate personalized QR codes linked to your digital business card or business profile. Share your QR code easily and let others access your information with a simple scan – an efficient and modern way to connect.

Centralized Management

Managing multiple applications can be a hassle, but not with KiEngage. Experience the ease of centralized management as you oversee various aspects of your digital presence from a single, user-friendly platform. Save time and stay organized with KiEngage.

What is KiEngage for Teams?

Digital Business Cards: Elevate Your Professional Presence

KiEngage enables you to create, distribute, and manage digital business cards effortlessly. Equip your team with a modern way to share essential company information, ensuring a professional and consistent image across the board.

Lead Management: Stay Ahead of the Curve

Collect more leads than ever before with KiEngage's lead management capabilities. View, manage, and export team-wide leads from a centralized contact book. Stay ahead of the competition and optimize your team's lead-generation process effortlessly.

Integrations: Seamlessly Connect Your Workflow

KiEngage seamlessly integrates with CRMs, HR platforms, and other essential tools. Export data, sync team members, automate data entry, and create efficient marketing flows. Unlock the full potential of your team by connecting KiEngage to your existing workflow.

Measure ROI at Events: Gain Insights and Optimize Performance

KiEngage empowers you to measure key KPIs, identify top performers, and gain valuable insights into your team's performance at events. Export your data at any time, allowing you to make data-driven decisions and continuously optimize your strategy.

Business Card Scanner: Instant Digitalization of Contacts

Experience the convenience of our business card scanner, allowing you to scan paper business cards into digital contacts instantly. Enjoy unlimited scans for each team member, eliminating the hassle of manual data entry.

Seamless Connectivity
with KiEngage

At KiEngage, we understand that connectivity should be effortless, regardless of your device. That’s why we offer two convenient options for sharing and accessing your digital business cards – “Tap & Share” for NFC-enabled devices and “Scan QR Code” for non-NFC devices.

For NFC-Enabled Devices - Tap & Share

Unlock seamless networking with KiEngage! Tap and share your NFC digital business card effortlessly. Experience the epitome of modern connectivity – quick, intuitive, and future-ready.

For Non-NFC Devices - Scan QR Code

KiEngage offers seamless networking sans NFC. Use the ‘Scan QR Code’ feature to generate a personalized QR code linked to your digital business card. Share or scan effortlessly at conferences, meetings, or networking events.

Why KiEngage?

Innovative Solutions

Stay ahead of the curve with our innovative solutions that cater to the evolving needs of modern businesses. KiEngage is committed to providing cutting-edge tools for your professional success. We thrive on staying at the forefront of technology, ensuring that our solutions align with the ever-changing landscape of the professional world.

Efficiency Redefined

KiEngage redefines efficiency, simplifying complex processes for a seamless digital experience. Our goal is to boost your productivity, providing a gateway for growth. With streamlined processes and centralized management, KiEngage empowers you to focus on what truly matters – the expansion of your business.

Unparalleled Convenience

KiEngage prioritizes your convenience, offering a hassle-free experience in creating digital business cards, managing applications, and utilizing QR code solutions. Our platform ensures seamless digital experiences, from captivating business profiles to effortless application management, all from a single, user-friendly hub.


I am thoroughly impressed by the thoroughness and professionalism that helped us get the feedback for our product. Our customer provided detailed feedback on her experience with our product, highlighting the features she found most useful and areas where she thought we could improve. Any company employing this review tool would do well to consider KiEngage as a customer. Her feedback was insightful and helpful, and her enthusiasm for our product was infectious
Sarah Williams
Excellent, Innovative Product
Throughout the lead management process, KiEngage helped us to be more organized and professional. Regular updates on the status of the leads and timely responses and the clear communication made it easy for us to stay on the top of the lead and capture more bookings. Overall, I would highly recommend using KiEngage to any business using this application.
John Doe
Excellent, Innovative Product
I would highly recommend the use of KiEngage to anyone looking to create and manage team cards.I managed my team’s business cards, and I have been thoroughly impressed with the results. The platform has made it easy for me to create and manage team cards, which has streamlined our networking efforts and helped us to make more meaningful connections with potential clients. What I appreciate most is its user-friendly interface and its ability to allow me to create and manage cards for all of my team members.
Gary Weaver
Excellent, Innovative Product
I recently attended a conference and had the pleasure of meeting a potential client. We exchanged digital business cards using a platform called KiEngage, and I must say, it made the entire experience much more worthwhile and comfortable. By exchanging digital business cards, We were able to quickly exchange information and move on to discussing more substantive topics related to our respective businesses.
Richard Smith
Excellent, Innovative Product

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Join KiEngage today and revolutionize the way you connect, network, and do business. Elevate your professional presence in the digital landscape – because your success deserves nothing less.


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