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Welcome to KiEngage, the best digital business card platform made just for freelancers and individual users. You can easily build, personalise, and distribute your digital business card to prospective leads and clients using our platform, all from the convenience of your mobile device.

In order to expand your business as a sole proprietor or freelancer, networking and lead generation are crucial. Yet conventional paper business cards don’t provide the simplicity and flexibility that the modern corporate environment demands. They can be inconvenient and simple to lose. Sharing your digital business card is just as easy. You can share your card via QR Code and NFC .Exchange private and business information Control every contact you have Personalise and Online Data Storage Eliminate Paper Waste. You can also manage your leads and Generating leads is crucial to your business success. That’s why our digital business card platform not only allows you to create professional and eye-catching cards, but also includes powerful lead management tools to help you convert those leads into paying clients.

Our lead management tools make it easy for you to track and organize your leads, all in one convenient place. You can view detailed information about each lead, including their contact information, the date and time they viewed your card, and any notes you’ve added about the lead. You can even add custom tags and categories to your leads, making it easy to filter and sort your leads based on your specific needs.With KiEngage, you can take the hassle out of lead management and focus on what you do best. We believe that client feedback is essential to our success. That’s why we’ve built a robust reviews management system into our digital business card platform, allowing individual users and freelancers to collect and manage client feedback in one convenient place.

Our reviews management tools make it easy for you to collect and showcase client reviews. You can send automated review requests to your clients, customise the message and timing of the request, and even incentivize clients to leave reviews with special offers or discounts. Once you’ve received a review, you can approve or reject it, and even respond to client feedback directly through our platform.

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