Roopak Gupta
KiEazy Founder & CEO

Why We Created KiEazy Teams

As a serial entrepreneur with many different interests, the one thing I found in common with all my ventures was how ineffective my salespeople were at connecting with the people they meet.

I knew if I was going to stop the bleeding of time and money, I needed to provide them with tools that ensured all our many first contacts were turned quickly into opportunities and we never wasted even one connection.

I also knew we needed to measure our activity and keep score to ensure each sales team member was accountable for their own sales activity and results.

We quickly enjoyed great success with KiEazy Teams and are now excited to share it with other business owners and sales team leaders.

137 Connections in One Day

My friends and colleagues recognize me as a super-connector. But even I can get overwhelmed and struggle to follow up when I attend an exhibit or a large networking event and there is just so much follow-up work to do.

KiEazy Teams enables me to accomplish many of my personal and business goals.

First, I make powerful first impressions by tapping a prospect’s phone with my custom KiEazy digital business card, revealing my digital profile and contact information.

Second, I automate my follow-up with my contacts and don’t have to worry about data entry or getting my message out, as my new contacts already have my contact information stored on their phone.

Last but far from least, I am able to examine in real-time the effectiveness of my connections and focus my energies on the most engaged prospects.

Bottom-line for me? KiEazy Teams help me sell more, sell better and sell faster. Your team should try it too!

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